“ Medeniyet için temizlik, Temizlik için Esman Çega ”

Capacity of washing machine damper is 40M/per year with single shift.
Yearly production was 16M in 2006; 20M in 2007; and will be over 24M pcs in 2008
In 2004 AKS introduced to market two new damper series P19-2 and P19-T, Sound level of the new dampers are less than their competitors between 2-7 dB(A)
AKS produce elektromechnanic components such as fluid level sensors.
Customer satisfaction is consent by all AKS members not only because it is written in Quality Book of AKS. Customer work assume as ?my work? is the main thought in AKS.
Please contact us for all your application requests and questions about;
-Water Level Sensor
-Washing Machine Suspension
-Friction damper
-Spring damper
-Three-Action damper specially developed for wooden floor
-Fixing elements
Be sure that AKS will always support you in high fidelity.